Ecological Services

Vernal Pool Surveys

A vernal pool during spring high water. Vernal Pool during spring high water in Bedford, NH. Click for larger image (1.76MB).
A hand holding a spotted salamander egg mass. Spotted Salamander egg mass in Pelham, NH. Click for larger image (159KB).

WEI has completed a city-wide vernal pool survey for Portsmouth, NH. This project included development of a customized data sheet and field protocol. WEI mapped potential vernal pools onto ortho photos, conducted field verification, held a training session for local officials and prepared a report of findings.

Wildlife Habitat Assessments

WEI has conducted Wildlife Habitat Assessments for parcels ranging from 10-500 acres in size. These projects include field data collection and qualitative analysis of habitat and recommendations for habitat protection measures.

A heron rookery showing multiple active nests. Heron rookery in Sandown, NH. Click for larger image (665KB).
A mating pair of great blue herons flying into their nest. Herons returning to nest in Sandown, NH. Click for larger image (756KB).

Endangered Species Surveys

A Blanding‘s turtle sunning on a log Blanding‘s Turtle on a log in Hooksett, NH. Click for larger image (612KB).

WEI has experience performing both species specific surveys for endangered wildlife and town-wide surveys of potential endangered species habitat. These projects include research of specific habitat requirements and field data collection. Habitat maps and management recommendations are included in the final reports.